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"It's just laser beams and power chords--there's no plot at all."

Monday, January 22, 2018

It's Dangerous to Go Alone

I'm on a business trip, and it's a little over a week long.  On trips of this length I only bring clothes for about half the days I'll be out, and just plan on doing laundry somewhere in the middle of the trip.  Most hotels have a clothes washer and dryer available for guest use, and if not, there are always laundromats.  Some of the longer-stay facilities even provide free laundry facilities.

It's laundry night.  I'm out of clean underwear.  I'm going to do some wash.  I get my clothes together and scout out the laundry facilities.  Close to the room (nice!).  $2.50 to wash/$2.50 to dry (less nice, but OK).  It only takes quarters (hmmm....).  I don't have any quarters (uh oh).  No big deal, right?  Just hit the front desk and trade in a $5 bill!  Nope.  They're out of quarters (THAT's not good).  Ok...problem solving time.  Any other cash registers in the hotel?  In the restaurant, perhaps?  Nope.  How about a nearby convenience store?  Maybe they can break a few bills?  There's one right across the street!  Great!  I jogged over there...They have almost no quarters....but they do let me buy $2 worth.  That's not even enough to do a load of wash, much less dry it (I can probably figure out something for drying if I have to).  Back to the hotel, get the car, drive around looking for another convenience store.  Found a gas station and hit the mother lode!  All the quarters!  Aaaand back to the hotel to do laundry and watch "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

I feel like I just finished a fetch quest in an MMORPG.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Wonder Woman film review

[***Warning: Spoilers Ahead***]

The Wife and I went to see "Wonder Woman" the other day.  It had some well-done action scenes (that were well-spaced throughout the film), the camera work was very good (although the persistent sepia-tone was rather annoying), and the plot was good, basically a reworking of every war movie ever, but with superpowers.  Diana's character arc from utter naif to bold ass-kicker was probably my favorite part of the film.

The downsides were the writing (which was kind of bland) and the choice of Chris Pine as Steve Taylor, the male co-star/love interest.  Pine is excellent as Captain Kirk in the "Star Trek": his over-the-top, scenery-chewing acting style is perfect for that role.  As Diana's love interest in "Wonder Woman", he overshadows her (particularly in the second act where she is supposed to be a fish-out-of-water in WWI London) to the point where the movie feels like it's more about her than about him.  Most of the action was good, but the scenes where Diana charges toward machine guns, deflecting bullets as she goes, just come off as silly.  She blocks a handful of shots, nowhere near enough to give her time to cover the distance she's running (even at super-speed).  Maybe the guys she is charging are just bad shots?  I mean, like Imperial Stormtrooper bad??

Some things I'm kind of conflicted about: the movie follows the typical war-movie "assemble the squad" trope, where Our Heroes (Steve and Diana--because at this point he is absolutely the leader of the duo and she the sidekick) pick up the motley crew they will need to complete their task.  There is Sammy, the con-man, who is clearly a Sammy Davis, Jr reference (nice touch there); Charlie, the sniper (who it turns out can't shoot); and the Chief, a Native American smuggler who sports some very obvious traditional fashion accessories, and who's primary plot purpose is to track the bad guys and send up _smoke signals_ so Diana can find them.  For a movie that's being heralded as a great step forward in the way non-white-males are treated in films, this is a surprisingly sour note.  These guys represent the traditional group-of-skills supporting actors that we see in a lot of action movies, but they're overshadowed so much by Diana and Steve that we really wonder why anyone bothered putting them in.

I had really high hopes for this film; the first "real" female superhero movie.  It didn't quite live up to my expectations, but then I think this whole Zack Snyder DC thing is going to underwhelm me.  I'm glad to see a female superhero (and, really, Wonder Woman is _the_ female superhero; there's no other woman in DC or Marvel with anywhere near her following) get her own movie.  I just wish it had been a better flick.    Three stars out of five.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Rumors of my Demise...

...are greatly exaggerated.

It's early morning and I'm waking up before I go to work.  I was not expecting to be awake this early, but whatever.  I stumbled across this blog and felt the need to update, but once again I can't think of anything to say.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rolling over to days for an upcoming fishing trip...I was dead tired at 10 PM, went to bed, woke up ABSOLUTELY sure my college roommate had died.  Realized that I had no way of knowing this, no one had told me, etc.  Checked social media (which is how the old crew communicates these days) and nothing had been posted.  Sent him a message.  He's doing fine.

Reminds me of when I was getting rebound dreams near the end of (or perhaps just after) residency.  I'd wake up quite sure that something had happened, usually something weird, and eventually realize (or independently confirm) that there was no way it could have happened.  Irritating.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Just realized I haven't dreamt in quite some time.  On a related note, my weight loss has stopped.  I wonder if sleep deprivation is at the root of both issues?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Had another dream; in this one I was doing a fecal disimpaction.  It went badly, but that didn't seem to bother me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

To Sleep; Perchance to Dream

I hardly ever dream.  I used to think that I just hardly ever remember my dreams.  They say everyone dreams, just some folks don't remember their dreams on waking.  Well, I had a sleep study done (not because of the dreams, because of my snoring) and found out that I never actually enter REM sleep because I don't sleep deeply enough (see above snoring).  Well, I had surgery done to help with the snoring, and started taking meds to help with the sleeping, and now I dream.  Once in a while.

Last night's dream was remarkable for a couple of reasons.  One, because I had/remembered it.  Two, because it was odd.  My best friend had gotten a tongue piercing (this is not something that would EVER happen, but it was not odd in the dream).  It was giving him some problems, so I offered to remove it for him...the most logical way to do this was by cutting the post of the piercing with a Leatherman...I used the wire cutter tool.  Unfortunately, the tongue in question got caught in the handle of the tool and I lacerated it very badly.  So I took the tongue out, and was trying to sew it up, but I was very busy and kept getting interrupted and couldn't do it.  The dream ended there.  It was particularly odd because it wasn't disturbing.  I mean, I've just amputated my best friend's tongue and nobody's upset about it.

My subconscious is weird.   It's probably good that it doesn't talk to me very often.